The Legendary Vineyards of Bordeaux: A Newbie’s Guide

Angie An

Ah, Bordeaux. Just uttering the name conjures images of sprawling vineyards, elegant chateaus, and of course, some of...

Wine Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts at a Wine Tasting

Angie An

Hey, fellow wine aficionados! 🍷 Envision yourself basking in the sun-soaked vineyards, poised with a crystal glass in...

The Story Behind Champagne: More Than Just Bubbles

Angie An

If I asked you to picture a celebratory moment, chances are that a bottle of Champagne might flash in your mind. But ...

Wine Collecting: Tips for Starting Your Own Cellar

Angie An

Hello, fellow oenophiles! It’s Angie, your trusted Advanced Sommelier. Today, I'm delighted to share insights into th...

From Vine to Bottle: Understand the Winemaking Process

Angie An

Hello, wine enthusiasts and curious souls! It's Angie here, your resident wine expert. Ever wonder about the story be...

Perfect Pairings: Decoding the Art of Wine and Cheese

John Nikkie Roma

Hello there, fellow wine and cheese aficionados! Your trusty guide in the vast universe of vino and fromage, right he...

Spotlight on Bordeaux: Why It's a Wine Lover's Go To Region

John Nikkie Roma

Hello there, fellow wine lovers! It's Angie, your friendly guide to all things wine. I'm back with yet another vino v...

Decoding Wine Labels: No Secret Decoder Ring Necessary

Angie An

Hi there, fellow Vinophiles! Angie here, ready to demystify the world of wine for you. If you've ever found yourself ...

The Art of Wine Tasting: How to Do It Like a Pro

Angie An

Hello wine lovers! It's Angie, your resident advanced sommelier. With over 15 years in the hospitality industry, I've...

A Journey Through Time and Wine: Château Sainte Roseline Wine Tasting with Patrick Pouvatchy

Angie An

Château Sainte Roseline, nestled in the heart of Provence, is a winery steeped in history and cultural significance. ...

Uncorking the Legacy: The Story Behind Pym Rae, Robin Williams' Former Vineyard"

Angie An

On a rainy day in Napa Valley, I had the privilege of visiting Pym-Rae Winery, a beautiful property located deep with...

October 2021 Angie Somm's Luxury + Value Wine Club

John Nikkie Roma

   This Month at Angie Somm's Luxury + Value Wine Club we offer a Fantastic 4 combo, 2 whites, and 2 reds.2019 Cant...
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