How to Buy Wine for a Friend

Angie An

As the holidays quickly approach, I get a lot of people asking me to help them find the perfect bottle of wine for a ...

Different Tiers of Wine Price

Angie An

Do you ever wonder why there’s such a huge range of prices when it comes to wine? Why can you find a bottle of $5 Cha...

How to Taste the Difference in Wines

Angie An

“Every wine tastes the same to me!” Not after you watch this! This week on Angie Analyzes Wine, we are going to talk ...

How to Talk Confidently at Your Next Wine Tasting

Angie An

How many times have you been in this situation: Someone you want to impress gives you a glass of wine at an event and...

Quality Wine vs. Bulk Wine: You Get What You Pay For

Yuchi An

There are millions of Americans who’d like to believe there is no difference between quality bottles of wine and the ...

My Favorite Wineries in Napa

Yuchi An

I’ve been asked many times on what’s my favorite/recommendation for Napa wineries, It’s about time to finally sort th...

SOMM opinions on Riedel glasswares

Yuchi An

關於Riedel酒杯的疑問 – 我想知道Riedel的紅梗、黑梗、侍酒師、Big O等系列的勃根地紅酒杯,在飲用上有什麼差別?   首先我想先說,Riedel旗下有超~多~不同系列的酒杯,但我並不會在這裡一一介紹。我想做的是給各位一些...

Tasty SOMMary - Verite Winery

Yuchi An

When Pierre Sellian invites you to taste 6 of their vintage Verité at Spruce in San Francisco, there’s nothing to say...

Facebook Live Series - Nebbiolo

Yuchi An

Wine education #2 Nebbiolo Place of Origin: Piemonte or Valtellina Origin of Grape Name: "Nebbiolo" is derived fr...

Tasty SOMMary – UGC 2015 Vintage Bordeaux Review

Yuchi An

這星期四參加了由 UGC (Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux) 主辦的波爾多品飲會,如果只能用兩個字形容, 那就是 - 精彩! 因為今年是 2015 的發行年, 如果你還沒有聽過, 就讓我現在來告訴...

Winery Focus – Chateau Margaux

Yuchi An

On the one hand, what else could one write about Chateau Margaux that hasn’t been written already? On the other hand...

Tasty SOMMary - 2012 Frederic Magnien “Coeur de Roches” Côte de Nuits Villages, Burgundy, France

Yuchi An

前兩天有榮幸和灣區幾位葡萄酒高手一起品嘗幾瓶。結束之後我分別問了每一個他們最喜歡的是哪幾瓶, 每個人的喜好不同, 當天久的種類又多, 有不同的答案也是意料之中的事。但是 (重點來了) ! 大家心中的第一名居然都是同一瓶! 沒錯, 就...
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