A Journey Through Time and Wine: Château Sainte Roseline Wine Tasting with Patrick Pouvatchy

Château Sainte Roseline, nestled in the heart of Provence, is a winery steeped in history and cultural significance. A designated UNESCO site, this winery's story spans over a thousand years, with roots dating back to the 11th century. The estate once belonged to a monastery and, throughout the years, served various functions, including being a military hospital during World War II. Today, Château Sainte Roseline is a thriving vineyard, producing remarkable wines that reflect the estate's rich past and deep connection to the land.


I recently had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting hosted by Patrick Pouvatchy, the Export Sales Manager of Château Sainte Roseline. We explored a diverse selection of wines from the estate, including four exquisite Rosés and one delightful Red.


Our tasting journey began with the 2022 Château des Demoiselles, a light, fresh, and easy-drinking Rosé at an attractive price point of $17. This wine is the epitome of what you would expect from a classic Provencal Rosé.


Next, we delved into the 2022 Chateau Sainte Roseline Le Cloitre. Named after the on-site building that once served as a military hospital, this wine presented a more mineral-driven, leaner, and sharper profile than the first, with a stony mineral finish. Priced at $19, Le Cloitre offers a unique and refined take on Rosé.


The third wine we tasted was the 2022 Chateau Sainte Roseline Lampe de Meduse Rosé. This wine is a work of art, both in the glass and in its presentation. The bottle's design is inspired by an Alsatian wine bottle top and the shape of a perfume bottle, developed by the previous owner and it is patent protected. Château Sainte Roseline celebrates art and culture, hosting art exhibits each year that showcase talented artists from around the world. Lampe de Meduse, which roughly translates to "the brotherhood of Medusa drinking together," is made from older vines with lower yields. The 2022 vintage was particularly dry, resulting in a wine with great intensity and high concentration. This Rosé, priced at $25, is an excellent food wine that would benefit from aging for an additional two years.


Our tasting culminated with the 2022 La Chapelle de Sainte Roseline, the winery's pièce de résistance and my personal favorite. Produced in limited quantities of fewer than 10,000 bottles per year, this blend of Mourvèdre, Rolle, and Grenache comes from the estate's finest plots. La Chapelle is meant to be aged for another three years before reaching its peak drinking window. In 2021, Wine Enthusiast ranked it as one of their top 7 Rosés, with the best value amongst ultra high-end Rosés at $45. The wine boasts an exceptional, expressive, and unique mouthfeel, with vibrant notes of strawberry, peach, and delicate florals. Its elegant minerality and well-integrated acidity create a harmonious balance, while the rich and complex body reveals layers of flavor that linger on the palate, finishing with a refreshing citrus zest. The 2022 La Chapelle de Sainte Roseline is undoubtedly an exceptional Rosé that stands out among the rest.

Finally, we tasted the 2019 Chateau Saint Roseline Lampe de Meduse Rouge. The estate's desire to showcase their ability to produce exceptional red wines, in addition to their renowned Rosés, has been met with critical acclaim. Their 2017 vintage received an impressive 96 points from Decanter. The 2019 Rouge, predominantly composed of Syrah, exhibits classic fresh licorice and peppery notes, balanced by a harmonious blend of red and black fruits. The wine's grippy finish is supported by the Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend. At just $25, this red wine is a delightful option to enjoy at any time.


The Château Sainte Roseline wine tasting with Patrick Pouvatchy was a captivating exploration of the estate's rich history, connection to art and culture, and diverse range of exceptional wines. Each wine offers a unique experience, showcasing the winery's dedication to producing remarkable offerings that honor their past while embracing innovation and modern winemaking techniques. Château Sainte Roseline's wines are not only a delight to drink but also serve as a testament to the region's rich heritage and the estate's commitment to preserving and celebrating it.

After tasting the remarkable 2022 La Chapelle de Sainte Roseline, I felt compelled to ask Patrick for an allocation of this extraordinary wine, despite knowing that very few bottles are exported to the US. It is my desire to share this rare gem with my VIP clients, allowing them to experience one of the best Rosés the world has to offer. I am thrilled to announce that we have secured a limited quantity of this exquisite wine, available for $44.99/bottle. I encourage you to stock up while you can and seize the opportunity to indulge in this exceptional Rosé. With its captivating flavors, La Chapelle de Sainte Roseline is the perfect way to elevate any occasion or simply to treat yourself to an unparalleled wine experience. Don't miss out on the chance to taste the pinnacle of Provencal Rosé craftsmanship.

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