About Angie Somm

Welcome to AngieSomm. My name is Angie An, and I’m a passionate sommelier based in California. I’m the only Chinese/English bilingual Advanced Sommelier (with The Court of Master Sommeliers) in the United States! I’m working toward achieving the title of Master Sommelier, an honor that has only been given to less than 250 sommeliers worldwide. I’m incredibly proud of my achievements and qualifications, but my passion for wine goes beyond my credentials.  

The way I see it, being a sommelier means more than just an advanced knowledge of wine and a career – it’s a personal passion that requires not only a true appreciation of wine, but also a genuine desire to learn more and share my enjoyment with others.

More on Angie An:

I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and from an early age, I was introduced to an eclectic culinary experience that included various cuisines and dishes. I’ve been told by my parents that even from a young age, I possessed a curious and sophisticated palate and was easily able to distinguish different tastes and flavors. I owe a large part of the development of my heightened olfactory sense to my father, an enthusiastic collector of whiskeys with a deep appreciation for the fine art of producing the perfect liquor. As a child, I recall sniffing at different cups of whiskey and guessing many of their details accurately. My desire to improve my olfactory sense and increase my aroma repertoire didn’t stop at whiskeys, however, and I became an avid collector of perfumes, incense, etc.

I moved to California in 1996 and in 2004, at the age of 21, I discovered the wonders of wine and never looked back. I was absolutely fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities of different aromas and tastes. I knew then that there was nothing else in the world that I would rather be other than in the wine business!

I began my career in a restaurant first, worked my way from a member of the opening team, to a head trainer and eventually to the position of Sommelier and Wine Buyer at Alexander’s Steakhouse (Cupertino, California). During my time there, the restaurant earned its first Michelin Star and won the prestigious Wine Spectator’s Best Award of Excellence! I then dived into the world of distribution as the Hotel Key Account Manager at the Regal Wine Company, where I learned all the ins and outs of wine sales and marketing from a different angle. Finally, after my work with K&L Wine Merchants as the old and rare wine specialist, I decided it’s time to begin a business venture of my own- and thus the idea for AngieSomm.com was born!

With 10+ years of experience in different sector of the wine industry I’m now ready to use Angie Somm as a platform to share my opinions, tips, review and various how-to’s. I provide a personalized wine shopping experience for wine enthusiasts and beginners alike! Whether it’s through our top wine suggestions or special orders for corporate or private events, we aim to give you exceptional service, amazing wines and some fun too!

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