Sonoma Winery Recommendations

Angie An

Are you planning to visit California and want to know the best wineries to visit? It can be tough to narrow down your...

Do I Need to Worry About Smoke in My California Wines?

Angie An

Hi again, and welcome to my latest blog on what I think is the most interesting subject in the world: wine! If you li...

How Do I Store Wines for Aging?

Angie An

If you’ve ever wondered how you can best store wines for aging, I have one thing to say: I’m so proud of you!!! Do yo...

How to Start Learning More about Wines (No Matter What Experience You Currently Have)

Angie An

Do you find drinking wine enjoyable, but the process of learning more about wine – especially if you’re a beginner – ...

How to Buy Wine for a Friend

Angie An

As the holidays quickly approach, I get a lot of people asking me to help them find the perfect bottle of wine for a ...

Seven Must Have Rosé For Brosé Time!

Yuchi An

Happy Labor Day! With summer almost over (or not if you live in California like me, where it is still sunny and reac...

The Perfect Steak and Wine pairing for a Queen (King)!

Yuchi An

There’s a tradition among my colleagues at the wine shop called  “Steak and Claret Friday” where a lucky bottle of B...
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