Seven Must Have Rosé For Brosé Time!

Happy Labor Day! With summer almost over (or not if you live in California like me, where it is still sunny and reaching triple digits) it is time to gather up all your friends for the last chance at brose time! You may have heard that “real men wear pink”, well you are right, but that was so last year! In the year 2015, in addition to wearing pink, real men are also drinking pink. Chloe Wyma explains in her article why more men are drinking pink and why you should do it too. Nothing does a better job of bonding a few bros together than some quality Brosé time! Look no further, here are the seven must-have rosés for brose time that will guarantee a manly, delicious and epic time, every time!! Cheers bros, it’s time to get your pink on!

#7 2014 Château Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé

The Grape(s): Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Rolle
The Who and Where: The Perrin family- who also make Chateau Beaucastel in chateau neuf du pape. From Côtes de Provence, France- where dry rosé is  the predominant style of wine produced.
What Makes it a Great Brosé: You have to give credit where credit is due. Brad Pitt
and Angelina Jolie purchased this estate and released their first vintage back in 2012, and have been promoting it ever since. If the hottest man on earth says it’s cool to drink rosé, you bet your behind the rest of men would follow!

#6 2014 Les Vignerons de Fontès "Prieuré Saint-Hippolyte" Languedoc Rosé (1.5L)

The Grape(s): Syrah, Grenache
The Who and Where: Languedoc-Roussillon, France.
What Makes it a Great Brosé: You can pretend to be polite all your want, but let’s face
it, size does matter! Nothing brings a quality brose time to the next level like a magnum bottle of rosé! Especially when it tastes delicious and can hold up to pizza or other finger foods. Best served during a house party. Warning: Subject holding the bottle may appear smaller in comparison.

#5  2014 Big Flower Petit Verdot Rosé

The Grape(s): Petit Verdot and Chenin Blanc
The Who and Where: From the good folks at Botanica winery in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Using all organic farming techniques, old vines and a super small production.
What Makes it a Great Brosé: Nothing shows confidence and comfortability with your sexuality like being able to drink out of a pretty bottle with flowers on it. Sip this bottle with ease and we’ll know you can handle any situation. The juice here, contrary to the bottle, is bold, serious and complex. After all, there is nothing petite about a Petit Verdot!


#4  2014 Bow and Arrow Willamette Valley Gamay Rosé

The Grape(s): Gamay
The Who and Where: Willamette Valley, Oregon
What Makes it a Great Brosé: How can you not want a bottle of this while hunting with
your buddy? As refreshing and manly as it gets! Warning: Hunt first and drink later, avoiding self-injury or injury to others is key.

#3  2014 White Girl Rosé

The Grape(s): Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel
The Who and Where: California, USA
What Makes it a Great Brosé: Oh come on, a no fuss, no BS rose made by the Fat Jew himself? You’ve got to try it! Sometimes life gives you a grenade, but once in a while life throws a sexy white girl your way. Catch the opportunity thrown your way and don't ever let it go!

#2   2014 Brick and Mortar Rosé

The Grape(s): Pinot Noir    
The Who and Where: Napa Valley, California
What Makes it a Great Brosé: If you consider yourself a wine snob, you might be able to detect that this wine is different. Usually Pinot Noir is found in cooler growing climates such as Sonoma Coast and Santa Cruz, but not in Napa. This unlikely pairing of grape and location makes this a surprisingly delicious rosé. It goes perfectly with any house project you are working on this summer. Enjoy a cold glass of Brick and Mortar after a day of roofing, stucco, demo, or painting your house. It’s only the most rewarding drink ever!

#1   2014 Alloy Wine Works "Tin City" Rosé (500ml Can)

The Grape(s): Grenache
The Who and Where: Central Coast, California
What Makes it a Great Brosé: A rose in a tall boy can? It doesn't get any better than this! What CAN'T you do with this ‘bottle’? Camping? Road trip? Beach picnic? This is the perfect rosé for all activities this summer (what is left of it anyway). Oh and do remember to crush the empty can with your forehead. Not only does it save space in your recycling bin, but it shows all your bros you are the man!

Two to three glasses of rosé per day can reduce your risk of giving a shit. Drink well, drink often, and drink with friends! #Brosé

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