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關於Riedel酒杯的疑問 我想知道Riedel的紅梗、黑梗、侍酒師、Big O等系列的勃根地紅酒杯,在飲用上有什麼差別?









所以即使兩個酒杯看起來很類似─例如Vinum XL波爾多特級園以及侍酒師系列波爾多酒杯的尺寸和形狀看起來幾乎完全相同,但只要一查看商標,你就能發現Vinum是機器製造,而侍酒師系列則是出自手工的了。






如果你真的好奇心爆棚,想知道酒杯會怎麼改變酒的風味,那麼我真心建議你參加RIEDEL在Sebastopol 舉辦的真理品酒會(Veritas Tasting),詳情請參考。如果你無法參與,也不用擔心。RIEDEL經常舉辦這類活動。你能夠從中真正了解酒杯形狀對酒款味道的影響。



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Question on Riedel Glasses - I would like to know Riedel的紅梗、黑梗、sommelierBig O的布根地紅酒杯飲用上的差別

I would like to start by saying Riedel makes SOO many different glasses I’m not going to break them down and introduce them individually here, but I would like to give you guys a couple of tips to take home and help you decide on your next Riedel glass purchase!

One of the most important thing that drive up the price of certain Riedel glasses is rather it’s hand made or machine made, you can always find that out by looking at the


The RIEDEL TRADEMARK dates from the Art Nouveau period at the end of the nineteenth century, and was used for RIEDEL glassware made in Bohemia from 1890 to 1925. In 1996, to commemorate RIEDEL’S 240th anniversary, we reintroduced this trademark for all our hand-made products. The distinctive Riedel signature is now featured on the base of all these products made in Austria. This signature trademark (1) helps our customers to distinguish immediately between hand-made products and those made by machine (2). Our machine-made products carry this trademark.

So even though two glasses might look similar – for example the Vinum XL Bordeaux Grand Cru and the Sommelier Series Bordeaux glasses is almost identical in size and shape, but once upon examining the trademark, you will find out the Vinum is machine made and the Sommelier series is hand made.

As far as their 紅梗、黑梗 they are both a special anniversary edition made purely for your viewing pleasure and doesn’t not effect the taste of the wine itself.

Lastly, I’m also mentioned this before, I generally do not recommend any stemless wine glasses because the body heat from our hand is transferred to the wine when you are holding a stemless glass, it changes the flavor and characteristics of the wine significantly (for the worse) so I will recommend against it.

Now if you are really super geeky and want to learn more about how glasses can change the taste of wines I highly recommend going to their Veritas tasting coming up in Sebastopol and don’t worry if you can’t make this one, they host these type of tasting all the time. You will really get to see how the shape of the glass effect the taste of the wines.

With that said, I still recommend getting a few sets of really nice glasses (sommelier series or Zalto) and some good everyday wine glasses to maximize your drinking pleasure and experience!

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