2020 Lou Dumont Cote de Nuits-Villages Burgundy, France

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A remarkable Burgundy wine crafted by the talented Japanese winemaker, Koji Nakada. His unique journey and dedication to the craft have led to the creation of a truly exceptional wine that is not only a testament to the terroir of Burgundy but also to Nakada's extraordinary skills.

Koji Nakada, a pioneer in the world of Burgundy, has defied the odds and made a name for himself in a region steeped in tradition. With a passion for pure, honest, and regionally correct wines, Nakada has garnered immense popularity throughout Asia. Now, it's time for the US to experience this hidden gem.

Crafted from organically farmed grapes and minimal intervention, Nakada's 2020 Lou Dumont Côte de Nuits-Villages is a delightful introduction to the world of Burgundy. It offers an authentic taste of this prestigious region, making it the perfect wine to spark your love affair with Burgundy.

The rarity of this wine cannot be overstated, as fewer than 2,400 bottles are produced each year. This limited production adds to the allure and exclusivity of the 2020 Lou Dumont Côte de Nuits-Villages, making it a must-have for any wine enthusiast.

Sourced from old vines aged 40+ years, this captivating wine showcases the rich history and complexity of the region. The 2020 Lou Dumont Côte de Nuits-Villages is an extraordinary find that truly stands out in a sea of Burgundy wines.

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