2016 Domaine Robert Groffier Pere & Fils Les Hauts Doix, Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru, France

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如果你喜歡喝勃根地葡萄酒,你絕對不會想錯過產自羅伯葛菲酒莊(Domaine Robert Groffier Pere & Fils)2015 & 2016年的好酒~要Angie說的話,這兩年出產的酒都很優秀,但2016年的更為出色。怎麼說呢?因為當年的葡萄生長季前期,冰雹和霜凍帶走了了許多果實,所以存活下來的葡萄,不僅珍貴還很美味!那年釀造的酒款比起2015年的更加優雅、精緻,而且酸度更高,不過…接下來在市面上看到這支好酒的機會愈來愈少,因為它已經所剩無幾。


羅伯葛菲酒莊是座廣受品酒人愛戴的酒莊。酒莊起源於單車手Jules Groffier建立的7公頃產業:酒莊位於著名的香波蜜思妮酒村(Chambolle-Musigny)。接手人Robert Groffier以及他的兒子Serge將酒莊發揚光大,並被認為是金丘最棒的釀酒師之二~他們細心照料葡萄藤,並嚴格控制產量。這讓出自他們之手的酒款都能將黑皮諾表現得淋漓盡致!!




聽完了酒莊代代相傳的嚴謹態度,不難體會到他們對每瓶酒付出的用心~那就讓我們來看看今天的主角吧!! 2016年產的這款酒,相同帶著濃濃的酒莊家族特性:顏色深沉又多采多姿!比較特別的是,這支酒帶有的口感以及細膩,讓它呈現出非常誘人的整體感受~酒款同時也富有完好的結構、絲滑柔順的酒體,卻又不失力量。

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Ladies & gentlemen, please meet the best vintages for Burgundy in the last decade!!! (but be quick, as the production is super small)


If you love Burgundy, you CANNOT MISS 2015 & 2016 Domaine Robert Groffier Pere & Fils Les Hauts Doix. Plus, 2016 is especially special in a sense that the farmers lost a lot of their crops due to hail and frost early in the season. The wines are more elegant, refined, and higher acid than their 2015 counterpart, but you won’t see it in the market for long because there are just not enough of it to go around!


Domaine Robert Groffier Père et Fils is a wine much-loved by wine amateurs and aficionado alike. The bike racer Jules Groffier founded this seven-hectare domain situated on the superb parcels of Chambolle Musigny, Bonnes Mares de Clos de Bèze. Now it is Robert Groffier, with his son Serge who manages the domain, and he is considered one of the best winemakers in all of the Côte d'Or. Great care is taken over the vines and yields are rigorously controlled. This gives rise to wines that express a wonderful interpretation of Pinot Noir.


Since 2005 Nicolas Groffier, Robert’s grandson, has joined the domain and manages vinification. He insists that everything he does is a continuation of the family tradition. Nicolas states that the number one objective is to preserve their appellations and the skills that have been passed down in our family from generation to generation.


The wines have a marked family resemblance, they are deep and colorful, but are characterized by a sensuality and a finesse that make them very alluring. The wines also show a great finesse, with a very silky texture, but also power and structure. Perfect for a long aging.


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