2016 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny Derriere Le Four, Cote de Nuits, France

Product image 12016 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny Derriere Le Four, Cote de Nuits, France
Product image 22016 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny Derriere Le Four, Cote de Nuits, France

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今天要介紹兩位友好又謙遜的酒莊主人~Anne和Hervé!他們所經營的溪高酒莊(Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut)在著名的香波蜜思妮產區(Chambolle-Musigny)佔地7公頃,由沖積土所組成,包含了砂土、黏土和淤泥等土質。兩位酒莊主人對於這麼優質的土壤,可是一點也沒放過;特別注重使用精緻細膩的一面來釀酒。而得天獨厚的不只是土壤,酒莊還有許多老藤,50-60年的葡萄藤在這裡並不罕見,因此更能表現出香波酒款的石灰岩特性。




溪高酒莊一向遵照傳統釀酒方式,而不使用任何新橡木,所以Angie能說他們的酒款保持了純粹的香波蜜思妮產區勃根地酒特性。Derriere Le Four也是位於 Musigny Grand Cru 北邊的一塊葡萄原來的, 地理位置優秀, 用來釀酒的葡萄藤平均落在45歲,並使用20%新橡木桶來熟成,這款酒呈現優雅而美味的感受。細細品味這支色彩豐富的酒,能夠聞到黑色水果(黑莓和黑醋栗)的香氣,證明它優秀的品質,整體來說是款單寧感醇厚、帶著些許酸度的好酒。







The amicable and humble duo Anne & Hervé Sigaut manage 7 hectares in the celebrated village of Chambolle-Musigny. The land here is composed of alluvial soil; sand, clay, silt, etc. deposited by the valley. Anne and Hervé Sigaut did not miss how dense and rich this makes the soil. They prefer to make wines on the fine and delicate side, wines that caress rather than clobber. They are helped by a bevy of old vines, many 50-60+ years old, that have long ago tapped the mother rock of limestone that is the signature of Chambolle’s wines.


At the end of April 2016, spring frost damaged a lot of vineyards. Chambolle-Musigny was sadly one of the most damaged wine regions. The following spring months were gloomy and very humid. Luckily, July came with bright sunshine. Because of the successive low yields due to the bad weather, the grapes were very concentrate and reached unexpected ripeness. The vineyard harvesting on a later date than usual, helped preserving the freshness of the fruits, while obtaining some cuvées as charming and generous as vintage wines with remarkable maturity.


Anne & Hervé Sigaut uses traditional methods to produce wines. They do not use any new oak, so their wines are pure expression of Burgundy from Chambolle Musigny. Derriere Le Four is a vineyard just north of the famous Musigny Grand Cru, very well located within Chambolle Musingy.  With vines that are 45 years old on average and aged 20% in new barrels, the wine is elegant and pretty. Its rich color and dark fruits (black berries and blackcurrants) aromas are the unmistakable proof of its deep character. The tannins are dense, firm and a light touch of acidity rounds up the palate.


As mentioned above, 2016 is a low-yield year due to the weather. The production is really small and with high quality. A strong Chambolle to be paired with red meat.

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