2015 Caymus Special Select Cabernet, Napa Valley, USA

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Have you ever experienced wine nirvana? Had a sip of wine evoke so many emotions in so many different ranges? Only to find out that the wine actually had an uncomplicated structure? The surprise, the 2015 Caymus Special Select Cabernet is as wonderful on the senses as only a Caymus Special Select would be. It is so kind but arousing to the senses. It is dripping with flavor and simplicity. So supple and abundantly concentrated, so intensely aromatic and beautiful. With a dark color that reflects on the dark fruits contained within. It is deeply fruit forward and delicious as only a Napa Cabernet can be. 
The 1984 and 1990 Caymus Special Select wines were voted wine of the year. That is twice. No other wine has ever achieved that fete. Therefore it is only natural to expect a whole lot from the 2015. And boy, does it deliver. It has some black cherry, figs and boysenberry with a pleasant dusty spice finish. It has an exceptional thick hot chocolate flavor with a waft of forest floor, and a dollop of vanilla in there too. As if that is not enough, there is a discreet oak from a far. This wine is so velvety yet so mellow. 
Chuck Wagner takes pride in the work his family has done for years. He boasts of the constantly evolving wine making process at Caymus Vineyards. The grapes are allowed extra time on the trees as it increases suppleness deepens color and matures tannin. All of which can be experienced in a bottle of the 2015 Caymus Special Select Cabernet. It is delightful in youth and expected to age very nicely. In addition to the usual meats, you can also serve this with hearty cheeses. 
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