2014 Mira Winery Hyde Vineyard Pinot Noir, Napa Valley, USA

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Against All Odds

2014 was a polarizing year for wine. Napa CA felt Mother Natures’ strength in the form of an earthquake, followed by a drought that parched these already drylands. 

But this disaster held something special in store for the vineyards of the region. 

From this destruction and lack of rain comes a vintage so rare and special, you’ll wish you heard about it earlier. 

Mira Pinot Noir Hyde 2014. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of adversity. The heavy toll the climate took on the land led to smaller than average grapes this year. 

But the explosion of flavor you’ll experience from this red is nothing short of a miracle.


A Vintage Few and Far Between

240 cases. 

Let that sink in for a moment. This is a vintage so rare, it’s only accessible on a waitlist. And Mira, known to only use 100% French Oak to age their wine, are owners of a coveted 200 liter French Oak Golden Egg Tank - one of only 10 in the world. 

These eggs work like regular oak barrels, with one exception. They stir themselves. 

If you purchase this wine, by the first sip, know that you’re experiencing something only a handful of people on the planet have the luxury to. 

This is a fine Pinot quite literally fermented in a mesh of art and innovation. And as promised, has a tasting profile as splendid as the aging process itself.


Sensory Experience to Savour

Expect sensory overload to kick in before this Pinot Noir even hits your palate. 

On the nose, you’ll get dark fruits like cranberry and cherry, with wafts of cinnamon breathing warmth into your spirit. You’re likely to pick up on sweet tobacco, burnt caramel and deep spices wrapped up in a silky bow.

When you’re finally done embracing the aroma, on the palate, this vintage is an explosive velvet whirlpool of flavor. Vanilla bean, fresh strawberry, pomegranate and Puer tea with a clean, acidic edge.

 And a finish so long, we can’t guarantee you won’t be tasting this the next day. 

But we hope you do. Because as a wine fanatic, this is one for the history books. An ever-evolving vintage from the barrel all the way to the glass. And quite possibly rarer than true love. 


Actually, we take that back - you’re about to fall head over heels. 

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