2014 Laurel Glen Counterpoint Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Mountain, USA

Product image 12014 Laurel Glen Counterpoint Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Mountain, USA
Product image 22014 Laurel Glen Counterpoint Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Mountain, USA

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榮獲《Wine Enthusiast》酒評93分高分!絕對不可錯過的好酒!!

在音樂領域中,對位法(counterpoint)用來描述聲音間的關係,是種彼此和諧卻又各自獨立的技法。這樣的關係非常適用於今天要介紹的酒款,以及羅萊爾•格蘭酒莊(Laurel Glen Vineyard Estate)的旗艦卡本內蘇維濃,所以用Counterpoint來取名真的是超合適der~~

位於索諾瑪山產區的這處酒莊,能夠集結來自羅萊爾•格蘭葡萄園、匹克貝瑞葡萄園(Pickberry Vineyards)和莫瑞葡萄園(Murray Ranch)的果實,釀製出獨特的味道,既能表現出各個葡萄園的特性,又可以發揮1+1大於2的優點。簡單的來說,這款酒完美反映了羅萊爾•格蘭葡萄園的出色,同時還建立了本身獨特的和諧和時尚。






93 points from Wine Enthusiast! Definitely good wine you have to enjoy!!

In music ‘counterpoint’ is the relationship between voices that are harmonically interdependent yet independent in rhythm and contour.  There is no word that could better express the relationship between this wine and winery’s flagship Laurel Glen Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.

Following the contours of the distinctive Sonoma Mountain appellation, the winery is able to bring together fruit from Laurel Glen Vineyard, Pickberry Vineyards and Murray Ranch to create a unique voice that expresses itself greater than the sum of its parts. Laurel Glen Counterpoint Cabernet Sauvignon beautifully reflects the pedigree synonymous with Laurel Glen Vineyard, while establishing itself as uniquely harmonious and stylish.

Blended with 10% Merlot, this is a cab that has great structure, firm tannins and yet it manages to be fleshy. It delights in luxuriously bright acidity and a jammy explosion of blackberry, chocolate, clove and tobacco, the texture roundly approachable.

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