2014 Frederic Magnien Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France

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This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for you! I love being able to share great Burgundy with people who really appreciate them, with that said, I’ve specially tailored a Black Friday sale for my Burgundy lovers only!

Two wines, both are from the classic vintage of 2014, and both from Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru. They give incredible values, and they are my favorite producers as well!

2014 Frederic Magnien Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru Regular $170, today only = $149.99

If you are a super Burgundy geek you might say “Charmes Chambertin is a big Grand Cru and their quality can be inconsistent!” true, but Frederic Magnien’s plot is located near the north part of Charmes, right NEXT to Chambertin Grand Cru, his tiny plots are planted with 80+ years old vines. He practices organic and biodynamic winemaking. Super delicious and exotic with polished fruits such as: red cherry, strawberry, cranberry and rhubarb. Solid, firm body with smooth texture and mouthfeel. You just don’t find Grand Cru at this price/performance ratio! (only 24 bottles available)

2014 Gerard Raphet Charmes-Chambertin “Cuvee Unique” Grand Cru Regular $190, today only = $159.99

Gerard Raphet is super old school and I love it! His wines are always structured, with lots of depth and built for the long haul. His flavors are more earth driven and sometimes savory, and his operation is small, passed down for generation. His understand and takes great care of the vines, this “Cuvee Unique “ are carefully selected from 100+ years old vines (note the red “cuvee unique” on the top left of label, this is not the same as his regular Charmes Chambertin!). The wine has explosion of cherry, raspberry, red floral and mushroom yet perfectly balanced together into one enjoyable masterpiece. It’s beautiful yet powerful, this wine can age for another 15 years easy! I always save a special place in my cellar for Gerard Raphet’s wines, and you should too! Nowhere else will you a Grand Cru made with this much care at this price! (only 12 bottles available)


Why did I pick these 2 wines together?

I picked these two wines because I’m a wine geek, in my ideal world I would love to have you get both of them and open them at the same time to compare.

Frederic Magnien is your cheerleader squad, outgoing, open, bright, easy to love easy to drink, an obvious favorite and easily the center of attention, just simply beautiful; whereas Gerard Raphet is your science genius, might be quiet at first, but the more you get the know it, the more depth and complexity you discover. They are both fabulous, and I truly want to share them with people who love and appreciate the wonders of Burgundy.

Cheers, enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving =) I’m off to eat some Turkey now!

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