2015 Joseph & Philippe Roty Gevrey-Chambertin, Cote de Nuits, France

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Joseph & Philippe Roty酒莊是勃根地地區主力酒莊之一。掌管的Roty家族從1710年開始就在哲維瑞香貝丹(Gevrey-Chambertin)產區從事葡萄酒事業,並擁有30公畝的葡萄園,而酒莊引以為傲的黑皮諾和夏多內酒則讓他們躋身法國金丘(Côte d'Or)產區最佳品質釀酒商之列。更特別的是,酒莊還有一大群另類的「忠實粉絲」,就是從法王路易十四就開始從事生產的「老藤們」啊~~~ 偷偷告訴你們,目前酒莊超過60%的樹藤都是在1881年種下的喔。讓Angie我也不禁感嘆,果然是一流酒莊,說出來的就是不一樣!!




接下來是今天的主角~~ 哲維瑞香貝丹釀造的酒款!! 它是一支帶著美麗亮紅色的酒,能夠聞到很濃郁的水果香,像是黑櫻桃、野莓和甘草味。木質的特性相當精緻,而且和其他的香氣都融合得很好。隨著酒液在口中散開,還有更多層次的氣息等著你~ 溫和的香料、肉荳蔻和皮革,絕對值得細細品味。接著迎來的是蘑菇和濕潤土壤的味道。至於單寧表現,能夠感受到卻又不澀,和酒款本身的自然新鮮感和天鵝絨般的醇美口感都融合得恰到好處。這樣可口的酒,你是不是也心動了咧?!! 那就別錯過,趕緊下訂吧!!




Domaine Joseph & Philippe Roty is one of the leading domaines in Burgundy. The family has been producing wines in Gevrey-Chambertin since 1710 and their portfolio of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay made from their 30-acre vineyards are known to be some of the best in the Côte d'Or region of France. The domaine has one of the largest cult followings and has been producing wine since the time of Louis XIV; over 60% of their plot were planted in 1881.


With old vines, the family planted ‘porte-greffes’ (grafted vines) to try and combat the phylloxera louse. In those days vines were not typically planted in rows, so the 60% that survive do so only because it was possible to plough between them, vines ‘in the way’ were discarded. The family go a very long way to preserve their method of production and do not succumb to trends or criticisms.The result is that Roty’s wines are very distinctive. They are full, very intense, very perfumed, very harmonious and certainly immensely seductive.


Gevrey-Chambertin is a wine with a beautiful, bright ruby colour. Intensely fruity on the nose, the aromas are reminiscent of black cherry, wild blackberry and liquorice. The woody character is subtle and marries delicately with the other aromas. As the wine evolves, there are more complex notes, such as mild spice, nutmeg and leather. Later still, mushroom and damp earth nuances make their appearance. Although present on the palate, tannin is never astringent but blends itself harmoniously with the natural freshneAngie Sommss and "gras" (velvety texture) of the wine. The same aromas encountered earlier on the nose are found again in the aftertaste.

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