2013 Bethel Heights "Casteel" Reserve Pinot Noir, Eola Amity Hills, Oregon

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One of my ABSOLUTE favorite Pinot Noir of all time! This Oregon Pinot Noir has the best of both New and Old World characteristics and it’s the end of vintage SALE at Angie Somm!  (Scroll down for English Intro)

今天要介紹的是一款代表家族榮譽的酒~~~ 來自貝瑟爾山莊酒莊(Bethel Heights),是酒莊唯一一款以「家族姓氏」命名的黑皮諾葡萄酒!!!! 絕對賭上整個家族的面子啊,所以酒莊每年都會精挑細選,務必讓背負家族使命的酒款呈現最佳狀態~~ 像是今天介紹的2013年產Casteel,就只選了當年釀製的11桶,總共只有超~級~少的275箱啊!!! 這樣的好酒怎能不讓人心動~~~


酒莊擁有103英畝的葡萄園,位於伊奥拉-艾米地山AVA產區(Eola- Amity Hills AVA),也就是州首府賽勒姆(Salem)的北邊。這座家族酒廠建於1977年,算是奧勒岡州的先驅,而酒廠所用的葡萄也都產自旗下葡萄園。Ben和Mimi Casteel是此產業的第二代,其中身為釀酒師的Ben追求著輕盈精巧的風格;明確偏向古典,非常強調果香和強度,還帶著很棒的無重感。


除了釀造過程,其實這支酒從種植開始就充滿戲劇性了啊~~(根本八點檔…)首先是閒適的夏季:早發芽、早開花,而溫暖的氣候也代表到了九月初就該開始關心葡萄糖分的累積是否會影響風味了。但九月最後一星期卻來了強降雨,在五天內累積了五英吋的雨水,不僅令人措手不及,也讓葡萄藤生長充滿焦慮感啊!! 但接下來的十月帶著破紀錄的乾燥,讓倖存的葡萄能在涼爽晴朗的天氣中成熟,不再過多累積糖分。驚心動魄的成長過程後,這款黑皮諾的葡萄在雨後採收。採摘分揀的過程非常嚴格,挑了風味令人驚艷、完美平衡的果實。

English Intro -

Back ground story - A Pioneer Reaches the Pinnacle in Oregon
Bethel Heights Vineyard grows its grapes on 103 acres in the Eola- Amity Hills AVA, a windy area just north of Salem, the state capital. The family-owned winery is an Oregon pioneer, founded in 1977, and all its wines are produced from estate-owned vineyards. Cousins and co-owners Ben and Mimi Casteel represent the second generation of the winery's founding families. Ben, the winemaker, pursues a light and delicate style, decidedly old-school, putting the emphasis on fruit flavors and intensity and delivering a marvelous sense of weightlessness in the wines.

Casteel comes from the deepest volcanic soil with longer barrel aging, it’s the most consistent block from their entire property. Always with the most intense flavors of fruit, lean and mean structure and savory after taste. They 56 acres have about 50% of the vines which is still un-grafted.

The Casteel is the only Bethel Heights Pinot noir that carries their family name rather than a place name, giving them considerable poetic license to select their favorite barrels from each vintage. Eleven barrels were selected in 2013. ONLY 275 Cases produced! Barrel aged 11 months in 50% new French oak Bottled unfined on September 22, 2014

What an interesting vintage! THE 2013 VINTAGE - A Play in Two Acts

Act One was the carefree summer. Early budbreak, early bloom, and a warm summer meant that in early September we were actually starting to be concerned about sugar accumulation outpacing flavor development. Then came the deluge: five inches of rain in five days in the last week of September. A jarring interruption, filled with drama and anxiety. Act Two brought the final redemption. A record-breaking dry October allowed the fruit left on the vines to ripen in cool sunny weather without excessive sugar accumulation. This Pinot noir was harvested after the rain. Extreme diligence at the picking bins and sorting line paid off in stunningly flavorful, beautifully balanced fruit. The 2013 vintage wanted to be many things, but what we found it to be in the end was a very pleasant surprise.

Wine Notes

Aromas of black cherry, pine resin, and black currants with hints of cooking chocolate and cinnamon lingering in the background. Flavors of black berries and dark chocolate play over a sinewy, taut structure of mineral laden acidity and fine-grained tannins. This wine has the pure, ripe fruit character typical of the warmer years in Oregon while maintaining the lithe, ethereal body and texture of our cooler vintages.

92 Points Wine Enthusiast

A barrel by barrel selection results in this reserve-level cuvée. Round, forward, spicy and toasty, it's a solid, almost chunky style with bold black-cherry fruit. Barrel aging brings up highlights of coffee and toast. Think duck confit with this bottle, and enjoy it over the next few years.

90 Points Wine Spectator

Fresh and inviting, with fine tannins around an open-textured core of blueberry and red plum flavors, lingering gently. Drink now through 2020.

Wine Spectator totally underestimate the age-ability of Casteel! From my previous experience it can age for at least 10 years! The 2013 is getting into that “Sweet Spot” and is ready to be enjoyed now~!Treat it like an elegant Burgundy and you will be surprised at the complexity and elegance this wine has to offer! Cheers!

PS. I stashed away 12 bottles just for myself. I would recommend you do the same!



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