2016 Château Saint-Cyrgues Muscat Sec, France

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尼姆區(Costieres de Nimes,此酒款葡萄產區)處於普羅旺斯石坡和卡馬格(Camargue)砂質沖積平原中。此區域的許多地方都有教皇新堡(Chateauneuf du Pape)著名的大而平坦的鵝卵石。這裡出產的酒絕對是我見過最具價值導向的,而聖賽格斯酒莊(Chateau Saint Cyrgues)更因為提供物美價廉的產品脫穎而出。酒莊坐落在聖吉爾(Located in Saint Gilles),就在隆河(Rhone River)河口的卡馬格邊界,由1654年建造的古修道院遺跡改建而成。

聖賽格斯酒莊從1991年開始由瑞士夫妻檔Evelyne以及Guy de Mercurio營運,機緣是他們在當地旅遊途中愛上了這處酒莊。他們在葡萄園採取手作種植方式;有機栽種、人工採摘,因此低產量也是常態。Mercurio家族主要耕種當地品種葡萄,如格那希(Grenache)、卡利濃(Carignan)以及希哈(Syrah)。釀造過程沿襲傳統,選用原有酵母、不用新橡木等等。不得不說,在這塊小巧有機地生產出來的酒款非常美麗、純粹而好喝。

酒款數據 -
葡萄品種:100%小粒種蜜思嘉(Muscat Petits Grains )
地區:尼姆區(Costières de Nîmes )
釀造:去莖、壓榨、輕榨汁(soft pressing)。冷卻靜置(cold settling)36小時。低溫發酵15到20天。過濾前存放在不鏽鋼桶裡四個月。

品飲紀錄 -




Costieres de Nimes (from which the grapes for this wine are harvested) sits at the nextus of the rocky hills of Provence and the sandy alluvial plains of the Camargues. Many of its areas feature the larger, flat, galets, the signature stones of Chateauneuf du Pape. Definitely one of the more value driven wines I’ve seen in many years in the industry, Ch. Saint Cyrgues stands out as offering very inexpensive product that punches well above its weight class. Located in Saint Gilles,which borders the Camargue region at the mouth of the Rhone River, Ch. Saint Cyrgues was built on the ruins of an ancient monastery in 1654.

Chateau St. Cyrgues has been since 1991 under the direction of a Swiss couple Evelyne & Guy de Mercurio who fell in love with the property on a trip to the Nîmes. They take a hands-on approach in the vineyard; organic farming, hand-picking, and very low yields are the norm. The Mercurio family works predominantly with indigenous varieties such as Grenache, Carignan and Syrah. The winemaking is traditional, native yeasts, no new oak, etc. The wine being produced from this small organic estate is beautiful, pure, and delicious.

Wine stats -
Varietals: 100% Muscat Petits Grains
Location: Costières de Nîmes
Soil: Clay and limestone pebbles
Agricultural Method: Organic
Harvest: Manual
Vinification: Destemming, crushing , and soft pressing. Cold settling for 36 hours. Alcoholic fermentation for 15-20 days at a low temperature. Four months aging in stainless steel vats before filtering.
Alcohol Content: 13%

Tasting Notes-

Generous honey, honey suckle, white floral aromas come rushing out of the glass, highly expressive and pleasant scents. The wine smells like it should be sweet, but on the palate it’s bone dry with great acid structure. A great wine to sip on a warm afternoon. Totally cool and geeky! You have to try it out!

A rare gem with only 2000 bottles produced annually. Yes, you heard it right! Only 2000 bottles (that’s 167 cases!) Only 24 bottles available in stock, first come first serve.


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