12/18/2020 Virtual Blind Tasting - Fine Tuning Your Palate

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Virtual Blind Tasting - Fine Tuning Your Palate!

I’m just going to come out and say it!

Wine is not an easy subject to talk about, especially without proper knowledge.
Do you find it hard to taste and describe wines? In this tasting lead by an advanced sommelier, Angie An, we will go ahead and break down how each of you taste the different elements in wine - Acid, Sugar, Tanning, Alcohol, Oak, and how it’s all put together. You’ll get to drink 6 specially prepared wines and identify the components of the structure.

After this event, I guarantee you will become confident in your tasting ability and really tune in to each of the components we taste in wine structure!

- 12/18/2020 Friday at 8:00pm PST via Zoom

- You will receive six red wines (2 oz portion for each wine in individual bottles which are numbered), we will blind taste together virtually for you to describe your impressions, then we will reveal the wines and talk about each wine in more detail and how it relates to you becoming a better taster.

- It’s $65.00 per set, which includes 6 wines, shipping, packaging, all tax/fee, and most importantly, the live session with Angie Somm.



🍷 How much wines am I getting
You will be send six different wines at 2 oz each, so roughly 12 oz total, which is about half a bottle or two full glasses of wines.

🍷 I can't finish 12 oz in one sitting, can I share with whoever I'm shelter in place with
Yes! You and your partner/friend/roommate can join and share no problem!

🍷 I want more than 2 oz, can I get multiple sets
Yes! We will be more than happy to accommodate that!

🍷 I want to join but I can't make the date/time you've listed
We will record the zoom call and you can go back to watch at anytime!

🍷 I'm not a confident blind taster, would this work for me
Please reach out to me directly, I can always adjust the tasting to make it easier and more comfortable for you, such as letting you know which wines are in the line up but not telling you which order they will be served in. It's meant to be fun, don't hesitate to reach out so I can make adjustment for you!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment below or DM me directly! Cheers!

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