2014 Epoch Estate Blend, Paso Robles, USA

Product image 12014 Epoch Estate Blend, Paso Robles, USA
Product image 22014 Epoch Estate Blend, Paso Robles, USA

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今天要介紹的酒莊滿有特色的(其實名字也很特別啊,我覺得)~就是紀元酒莊(Epoch Estate)!! 歡迎大家來到葡萄酒的新紀元~(誤?!)  回歸正題,他們有怎樣的特色咧?? 除了每個酒莊都要有的細心管理,他們還採用了非侵入式種植,目的是想要讓所有出產的酒都能帶有葡萄園和風土的複雜性。而且…他們所有的葡萄都是自家產的喔!!! 酒莊購入了兩座葡萄園:帕德雷夫斯基(Paderewski)和彈弓(Catapult)葡萄園,並運用他們種植出優質的果實。


而今天要談論的酒款是他們家的混釀,由36%希哈、36%慕維得爾(Mourvèdre)、22%格那希(Grenache)和6% 田帕尼歐(Tempranillo)組成。放置在水泥、不鏽鋼酒缸、橡木桶和一噸桶中發酵。接著放入31%新法國橡木和69%中性橡木桶中,經過約18個月的熟成就完成了。因為注重品質,產量就自然變少了,2014年生產的混釀總共也只有1,924箱而已喔~~~


除了數量稀少,它的風味也是一級棒的!細聞、啜飲這支混釀時,請搭配想像自己最愛的牛仔印象 – 磨損的皮革馬鞍、菸草、乾燥秋葉、桃李、甜土壤 – 讓你不用戴AR眼鏡也能如臨其境,品味所有的特色,哈!! 聽起來是不是很誘人啊~~ 再加上,這款酒複雜性相當高,格那希賦予它豐富多汁的特性並且在口感上相當多層次。希哈和田帕尼歐則加入了成熟單寧尾韻,增添酒體韻味。


而2014年生產的混釀,除了上面所說的特色,這支酒還能品到很多味道喔 – 首先能感受到紅李、莓果和一絲西瓜味(夠讓人吃驚的吧),接著出現的是具接地性的土壤元素,帶有黑橄欖、泥土、甜皮革、棕色香料和肉感。現在,又到了Angie的優惠時間,這款帶著牛仔風的酒,只要 $48.88就能帶回家喔,立即下訂享受好酒吧^^


Through carefully managed, non-invasive farming, the winery aims to bring the complex character of their vineyards and terroir into each bottle of Epoch Estate Wine. All fruit is estate, coming from two specific and unique sites they purchased and planted: Paderewski Vineyard and Catapult Vineyard.


The wine is made of 36% Syrah, 36% Mourvèdre, 22% Grenache, and 6% Tempranillo. Fermented in concrete, stainless steel and oak tanks and 1-ton bins. Aged up to 18 months in 31% new French oak and 69% neutral oak. Only 1,924 Cases Produced.


When you smell and sip the Estate Blend, channel your fondest cowboy or cowgirl memories – worn leather saddle, tobacco, dried fall leaves, plum, sweet soil – and this wine takes you there. The wine is complex, enters with great juiciness due to Grenache and becomes very intricate by mid palate. Syrah and Tempranillo contribute ripe tannins on the finish to fill out the wine’s body.


2014 Estate Blend shows full range of flavor – red plum, berry and surprising watermelon fruit flavors play the soprano notes while earthy, grounding elements of black olive, earth, sweet leather, brown spice and meat harmonize as baritones.






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