2015 Chateau Tour St Bonnet, Medoc, France

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#貴的酒好喝是應該, 但是便宜的酒好喝才是王道!

認識我的朋友都知道我有出名的 old world palate, 喜歡法國義大利來的酒的我, 每年會定會努力地找一款(以上)的 CP 值報表的入門款分享給大家試試! 今年當然也不例外啦! Without further ado, let me introduce….

2015 Chateau Tour St Bonnet, Medoc, France $19.99 (你沒有看錯~ yes, only $19.99)

今天介紹的酒款來自聖塔堡酒莊(Château Tour St. Bonnet。它是一座位於北梅鐸區聖多利(Saint-Christoly)的知名中級酒莊(cru bourgeois),也是此地區最大的產業,從1903年開始就由Lafon家族經營。酒莊擁有40公頃的葡萄園,都落在吉倫特河(Gironde river)沿岸最好的碎石坡邊緣,葡萄藤樹齡平均35歲。植株包含了各佔45%的卡本內蘇維濃(cabernet sauvignon)和梅洛(merlot)、5%的小維鐸(petit verdot)和5%的馬爾貝克(malbec)。

酒莊的酒款都用傳統的水泥缸發酵。酒莊經營者兼釀酒師Jacques Merlet並不吃新木桶可以讓酒液有香草味的那一套,也因此,酒莊的酒在18個月熟成期間,都是存放在大橡木桶(foudres)裡,而不是更常見的小木桶(barriques)。這讓酒款更具橡木風味,也是我喜愛經典波爾多紅酒之處啊!!!

這款酒可以說是梅鐸產區的基本款,擁有多樣風味,酸度偏爽脆,幾乎可以說是清爽。聞起來有強烈的黑醋栗香氣,伴隨著柔順、平衡的單寧感。這支酒也始終代表著高CP值,在4到10年間都是非常適合飲用的喔~~ Angie推出超殺優惠,只要 $19.99就可以帶回家囉!!!


Château Tour St. Bonnet is a renowned cru bourgeois estate based in Saint-Christoly in the north of the Médoc region. Its 40-hectare vineyard is superbly situated on the edge of the commune on a gravel ridge adjacent to the Gironde river.  It is the largest estate in the village, and has been in the hands of the Lafon family since 1903.

There are 40 hectares under vine, with an average age of 35 years, which lie on the best gravel soils. The plantings comprise 45% each of cabernet sauvignon and merlot, 5% petit verdot and 5% malbec.

The wines are fermented in traditional cement tanks. Winemaker Jacques Merlet who runs the estate, is not of fan of new wood and the accompanying vanilla characters it imparts to wine - consequently, the wine is matured for 18 months in large oak foudres rather than the more commonly found small barriques. Which impart more subtle oak characters to the one, and is what I love in a classic Bordeaux!

This is an archetypal Médoc with plenty of firm flavor and a crispness that can almost be called refreshing. On the nose it shows intense cassis flavors accompanied by smooth, balanced tannins It has consistently represented good value for money, and will age well for between four to 10 years.

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