2012 Double Eagle Red, Napa Valley, USA

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今天要介紹的是來自雙鷹酒莊(Double Eagle)的紅酒,而剛剛提到的雙份熱情就是指酒莊主人David Grieve和Vance Rose囉~~  從2006年開始,他們就專注在卡本內蘇維濃、梅洛和卡本內弗朗的栽種,並各自選用最好的部分混釀成雙鷹紅酒,也就是今天的主角~這樣說大家就知道這款酒絕對是雙倍以上的美味了吧!! 而且因為是選自精華,數量理所當然就很少囉,2013年釀製的總共也才1,224箱啊,朋友們!

除了數量無敵少之外,雙鷹酒莊這支酒的品質也是無可挑剔。酒莊的葡萄園位於羅浮山谷(Lovall Valley)中央;這座山谷在索諾瑪谷(Sonoma Valley)、卡內羅斯(Carneros)和維德山(Mt. Veeder)之間,是索諾瑪和納帕谷中最涼爽的區域。鄰近溪流的鵝卵石肥沃黏土提供濕潤水氣,延長了葡萄藤的生長季節。


那麼,這款產量超少的好酒,還有其他的特點嗎?Angie表示:當然有!!! 這支酒一定會讓大家「超手滑」~~ 因為…全美常價$85.00,Angie今天再次豁出去,下訂就給你「八落去」,不是啦~下訂就給你八折優惠喔!! 只要$68.00,是不是超手滑?! 那就動作快吧!!

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Double Eagle combines two passions of David Grieve and Vance Rose. They have traditionally produced cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc since their initial vintage in 2006 and have blended the best barrels of each varietal together to make their small quantities of Double Eagle. 1,224 cases in 2013.

Lovall Valley sits tucked away between Sonoma Valley, Carneros and Mt. Veeder. This is the coolest region in all of Sonoma and Napa. Sits in the center of the valley on pebbly clay loam soils near the creek which supplies moisture, the growing season extends.


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