2014 Tangent Paragon Vineyard Viognier, Edna Valley, USA

Product image 12014 Tangent Paragon Vineyard Viognier, Edna Valley, USA
Product image 22014 Tangent Paragon Vineyard Viognier, Edna Valley, USA

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Can you be hip and geeky at the same time? The answer is yes when it comes to Tangent Viognier! #抓住夏天的尾巴!


How is this hip?


But it’s also geeky because….

提到維歐尼(Viognier)葡萄就要說說它的歷史。它來自法國北隆河流域孔德里約(Condrieu)和格里葉堡(Château-Grillet)區,是當地的傳統白葡萄品種。這兩個產區的產量都很小,並只生產歐維尼葡萄酒。在北隆河最北端的羅地丘(Côte Rôtie)產區中,此品種的葡萄與希哈種在一起。原先,釀酒師為了增添奶油質地而加入維歐尼,但演變到現在,酒莊大部分都是因為芬芳的香味而增加維歐尼的比例。



How is this hip?

The Niven family’s two estate vineyards, Paragon and Firepeak, have earned the Sustainability in Practice (SIPTM) Vineyard Certification. They have ensured that these vineyards have historically been farmed in a careful and responsible manner, taking into account all facets of the surrounding environment. In fact, they are one of the winery that's producing wines in a can to help save the environment and makes it easier to ship across the country (of course those type of bottle only works on light red, or white wines, wines that doesn’t need to be aged).

But it’s also geeky because….

Viognier is the traditional white grape of the Condrieu and Château-Grillet regions in the Northern Rhône of France. Both tiny appellations, Condrieu and Château-Grillet produce only Viognier. In the Côte Rôtie, the Northern Rhone’s most northern appellation, Viognier vines grow within vineyards of Syrah. The two varietals are harvested, crushed and fermented together. Producers originally liked the addition of Viognier’s creamy texture to soften the wines, but today it is used more because of its striking aroma.

As mentioned above, Viognier is a rare white grape that gives AMAZING floral note! In blind tasting we get lush gardenia flower, orange peel and ginger from this wine that's so unique you don't find it in any other wine. The body/mouthfeel of the wine is also very full, makes it a great fall weather white wine!
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