1989 Scarpa Tettineive, Barbaresco DOCG, Italy

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Color : splendid ruby red with garnet hints. 

Aromas : refined, fruity tones of berries, withered roses. Rich and strong yet very elegant. Extended aging improves the bouquet. 

Taste : very characteristic with a composed and prolonged remarkably fragrant aftertaste.

SCARPA was founded in the second half of the eighteenth century by a Venetian migrant, Antonio Scarpa.

Still bearing his name, the cellar was handed over to a family from Nizza Monferrato in late ‘40es. Mario Pesce, he was the young oenologist then, acquired SCARPA after his studies in Burgundy and Alsace and led the cellar throughout its success in the coming decades. Those are the years when the rules were set: excellent quality, sustainable agricolture, traditional winemaking method. This is the benchmark to which we still stand today.

The ‘70es saw the emergence of a new oenoligist in the cellar: Pesce’s son-in-law, Carlo Castino. Carlo has led the cellar from his uncle time to our days and, above all, is who started producing our myth: LA BOGLIONA. Finally, in 2007 he let another young and valuable oenologist take over; Silvio Trinchero has been learning from Carlo ever since and now taps on this knowledge to carry our tradition further in time.

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